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September 25, 2023
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Assessment & Case Management

Assessment & Case Management

Evidence-Based Practices or "What Works" is a more effective case management practice. It is premised on the ability and willingness of Justice Involved Individuals to change when appropriately motivated and supported. It involves accurate assessments of an individual's criminogenic risks and needs then applying the appropriate interventions. The core of Evidence Based Practices involves assessments, collaborative case planning, and individual interactions that increase motivation, nurture strengths, increase personal responsibility, and enable individuals to give back to the community and prevent future criminal behavior.Case Manager

Assessments used in Jackson County include an initial static risk assessment (Public Safety Checklist) that guides placement into supervision services and assignment to the correct level of supervision. Once the supervising officer and the individual meet, if warranted, they will complete a Risk and Needs Assessment together. For males we use the LS/CMI (Level of Service Case Management Inventory) and for females, the WRNA (Women’s Risk Needs Assessment). This assessment gathers information about criminal history, employment, family, substance use, attitudes, companions and a host of other information. Once the assessment is complete, the officer and individual will work to develop a case plan. A case plan is designed to target the areas of risk that are most likely to reduce recidivism.

The supervising officer engages the individual in goal setting, using cognitive behavioral interventions to create changes in beliefs and behaviors. The officer also works with the individual and community partners to refer to the treatment services to help create lasting behavior change. These treatment service referrals include mental health, substance abuse treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, domestic violence, or sex offender treatment. 

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