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June 03, 2023
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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Program

Domestic Violence word cloudIn 1997, Jackson County Community Justice obtained a Federal Grant from the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women, which provided for the development of a specialized Domestic Violence Unit within the department. The Domestic Violence Unit is composed of four (4) Parole/Probation Officers who are tasked with enforcing each supervised individual's conditions of supervision as identified by the Courts, Local Supervisory Authority, and the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision.  Our Parole/Probation Officers work in conjunction with approved domestic violence treatment providers, victim advocates, the district attorney's office, and polygraph examiners to ensure public safety through accountability and behavioral change.  As of September 2020, Jackson County Community Justice supervises approximately 200+ individuals for Domestic Violence related offenses.

Victim safety is of the utmost importance when supervising domestic violence crimes. No contact with the victim is a common condition of supervision in these cases. Consideration for modifying a No Contact Condition can be a slow process. Many things are taken into consideration before modifications can occur. The following are guidelines to be applied on a case-by-case basis and may not be applicable on all cases:

  • Domestic Violence Education; the supervised individual will be enrolled in, attending, and will submit to polygraph testing, at their own expense, to determine compliance to conditions and treatment requirements. counseling
  • The individual must comply with all conditions of supervision.
  • The supervising officer will contact the DAAP provider for a progress report.
  • Survivor and the supervised individual must both request the no-contact condition be lifted.
  • Survivor will meet with the supervising officer, who will determine the contact level allowed, or if the no-contact condition will be modified or removed.
  • Required forms will be created and the survivor will be advised they can contact the supervising officer anytime they have concerns that the no-contact condition can be reactivated.
  • At their discretion, the supervising officer may reinstate the no-contact condition at any time during supervision.

What is the difference between a No Contact Order and a Restraining Order?

No Contact Order: a criminal protective order imposed by the Court as a term of release post-arrest or as a condition of probation. A judge pre-sentencing can modify it with a hearing petitioned by the survivor after completing a petitioner's class. Post-sentencing, it remains in effect for the duration of probation and can be modified at the discretion of the probation officer.

Restraining Order: a civil protective order petitioned for by the survivor where no report or arrest is required. A restraining order is serviceable in all 50 states. It remains in effect for one year from the date it is granted and may be renewed in Court, without a new offense, if the judge determines the petitioner is currently in imminent danger of bodily harm by the aggressor. The Restraining Order can be modified or removed within 30 days of being granted a hearing petitioned by the petitioner or respondent after the petitioner completes a required class.

Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing 

officersThe Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing Program is offered to eligible individuals accused of Domestic Violence Crimes in Jackson County. Eligibility is decided by the Jackson County District Attorney's office and approved by a Jackson County Circuit Court Judge.  

Entering the program allows the accused to avoid a trial and possible conviction by entering a guilty plea and agreeing to complete the program requirements within fifteen months. During the program, the individual will be supervised by a Probation Officer to verify compliance within the program and complete an approved Domestic Violence Education program. The supervision will also identify and target criminogenic risk factors to help address any further involvement in the criminal justice system.

Dismissal of the charge(s) will result upon successful completion of the program. If the individual fails to meet the requirements of the program, participation may be revoked. This will result in the individual being sentenced for the original crime.

Community Justice Today - Domestic Violence Supervision
When someone enters the legal system in Jackson County due to a domestic violence issue, they often require specific interventions. Watch this video to learn about how we handle Domestic Violence Supervision.

Approved Domestic Violence Education Providers in Jackson County   

ARC- Addictions Recovery Center
1003 E Main Street, Suite 104, Medford
541 779-1282

Baska Counseling
843 E Main #202A, Medford
541 830-3777

MaryAnn and Terry Terrall
541 708-6770  

Ontrack Inc.
211 W Main Street, Medford
541 772-1777

Domestic Violence Unit Contact:
Lindsay Zamudio, Program Manager