Jackson County, Oregon, USA

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June 24, 2021
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Adult Prison Release / Reach In

"Reach In" Process and Procedure


In 2007 Oregon created the Governors Re-Entry Council which worked collaboratively with all state and local agencies to improve offender reintegration into society.

Working together with the state Re-entry Council, Jackson County Community Justice has created a reach in process to provide services, increase communication between the offender and our agency, customize integration of treatment and provide support to the inmates releasing each year to our county.

What is Reach in or re-entry?

Re-entry: a process and experience that begins at arrest and continues through community reintegration, including release from jail during pretrial proceedings, release at the time of sentencing, or release after service of the sentence (including from prisons, jails, detention facilities, treatment facilities, youth correctional programs, etc.). Re-entry encompasses the evaluation, planning, and programming conducted, and support services implemented, to prepare and assist people who are or were previously incarcerated, to return safely to the community and to reintegrate as law abiding citizens (Rosenthal, Alan, & Wolf, Elaine. Unlocking the Potential of Reentry and Reintegration: A Reintegrative Sentencing Model; October 2004).

Jackson County Community Justice sees re-entry as an opportunity to contact and interact with the offender prior to their release from incarceration. It allows the probation officer and the offender a chance to discuss case planning, evaluate his/her needs, complete risk assessments, look into needed resources and treatment, discuss housing option, clarify expectations and answer any questions that may arise. It promotes an exchange of information and allows the offender to have the necessary tools and support to be successful in his/her transition to the community.