Jackson County, Oregon, USA

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Predatory Sex Offenders

February 04, 2023
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Jackson County Community Justice

The mission of Jackson County Community Justice charges our department with the responsibility of helping to keep people safe. We carry out this charge by supervising offenders to ensure that they do not create new victims or re-victimize prior victims. We provide treatment to help the offenders take responsibility for their actions, behavior and provide them with the tools to live a responsible, law abiding lifestyle. Taking responsibility for their crimes includes offenders making restitution to their victims in the form of monetary restitution and apologizing for the harm they have caused. Offenders are required to pay back the losses they have inflicted upon the community through community services.

Our mission also charges us to keep offenders safe and to prevent them from becoming victims of tyrannical punishment. We assist offenders in accepting accountability for their actions and making positive changes. Our goal is that former offenders become responsible citizens of our community. All of our supervision services, interventions, sanctions, and programs are designed to carry out the department's mission.

Mission Statement

Jackson County Community Justice provides parole and probation supervision, services and sanction programs making the most effective use of available resources to protect the community, support the rights of victims, promote offender accountability and assist offenders in effecting positive change.