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October 19, 2021
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Juvenile Community Service

connunity service

Youth have different opportunities to complete their community service obligation depending upon the level of supervision they need.  Both opportunities are focused on giving back to the community through repairing the harm that has done by the youth’s criminal activities or violations of diversion/probation agreements.

Work Crew

Youth placed on the divisions work crew will complete landscaping, litter pick up, vehicle washing and general cleaning at or within the juvenile services building.  There may be times that youth will complete community service hours during special community functions.  Division staff will provide the needed transportation to these functions.

Community Placement Sites

Provides youth with the opportunity to gain knowledge in job skills that promote a safe, stable and enriching environment. The Community Service Program requires participation with lessons in respect, accountability, teamwork, social skills and cultural awareness.

Youth participating in the Restorative Community Service Work Program will be assisted in choosing an individual approved community sites such as churches, schools, non-profit organizations, etc.

Individual approved community sites must be pre-approved by the supervising probation officer and a signed time sheet from a supervising agency must be completed to verify that hours have been completed.  Youth will coordinate their schedule with the placing agency.