Jackson County, Oregon, USA

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September 26, 2023
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 Detention Program

Detention provides secure custody, accountability and services to youth awaiting court processes, awaiting out-of-home placement or serving short sentences.  Accountability is not achieved when youth simply do time in detention facilities. True accountability involves making time count. School, assessments, evidenced-based skill development, recreation, education, medical screening and counseling services are provided.

Jackson County Juvenile Detention Facility
The program operates a 16 bed unit that consists of single rooms, a general living area, classroom, an eating area, showers, servery/laundry, and a private meeting room. In addition to the space in each unit, there is an indoor gym and an outdoor recreation area for large muscle activities. The design of the facility maximizes opportunities for increased staff / youth interaction and the implementation of a direct supervision model.

The design of this facility provides opportunities to implement approaches to dealing with issues that contribute to the criminal thinking and behavior of detained youth. By addressing these issues, youth have a greater chance of becoming positive, contributing community members.

Youth held in detention attend a full day, year-round education program provided by the Medford School District, have access to on-site health and mental health services, attend skill development groups, have access to on-site library services and participate in daily structured recreation and other activities.

3/13/2023 9:55 AM

Learn about the philosophy behind the detention program at Juvenile Justice, and how it has changed from purely “isolation” to a more rehabilitative and restorative approach.

What is a youth’s day-to-day experience like in detention? You’re about to find out from someone who works there.

Cara Ayres is the School instructor for students in the Juvenile Detention facility. She works with youth to build learning skills and keep up with their school credits.