Jackson County, Oregon, USA

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Predatory Sex Offenders

October 19, 2021
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Detention Program

Detention provides secure custody, accountability and services for offenders awaiting court or serving sentences. Accountability is not achieved when offenders simply do time in detention facilities. True accountability involves making time count. School, drug/alcohol assessment, evidenced-based skill building, recreation, education, medical screening and counseling services are provided.

Jackson County Juvenile Detention Facility

The Jackson County Juvenile Detention Facility is a 40-bed facility consisting of two 20 bed living units or pods. Each pod consists of single cells, a general living area, classroom, an eating area, showers, kitchenette/laundry, and a counseling room. In addition to the space in each pod, there is an indoor gym and an outdoor recreation area for large muscle activities. The design of the facility maximizes opportunities for increased staff / youth interaction and the implementation of a direct supervision model.

The design of this facility provides opportunities to implement approaches to dealing with issues that contribute to the criminal thinking and behavior of detained youth. By addressing these issues, offenders have a greater chance of becoming positive, contributing community members.

Learn about the philosophy behind the detention program at Juvenile Justice, and how it has changed from purely “isolation” to a more rehabilitative and restorative approach.