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January 24, 2021
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Juvenile Gangs


Youth gang members are several times more likely than non-gang youths to commit crimes. The Jackson County Juvenile Services is committed to addressing this issue with a comprehensive strategy of prevention, intervention and suppression that includes working collaboratively with schools, community agencies, and local law enforcement agencies. Among the strategies in Jackson County that address youth gangs are:


Jackson County Juvenile Services and the Medford Police Department have teamed up to remove/clean up graffiti within Medford at no cost to property owners.

clean-upTo report graffiti in the Medford Area please contact Medford Code Enforcement at 774-2016 or submit a request on-line.  Medford Municipal Code 5.519 - Unlawful Graffiti Nuisance on Private Property requires the owner or person in charge of property to remove graffiti, as defined in the code, within ten (10) days.

Jackson County Juvenile Services provides removal/clean up of graffiti outside the Medford area through a Weekend graffiti removal program at no cost to property owners.  To report or request cleanup of graffiti outside of the Medford area you can contact Jackson County Detention at (541) 774-4835 or email Jean Nicholas at NicholJL@jacksoncounty.org

The Sooner Graffiti Is Removed, The Better!  Research shows that removal within 24-48 hours is effective in discouraging repeat vandalism.  If you choose to remove the graffiti before contacting law enforcement or our department, take a photo, if possible, that can be given to the officer/deputy and attached to the report.  If the graffiti appears on someone else's property and you believe they may be unaware, consider contacting them directly.  You will be acting as a "good neighbor" by letting them know and also making sure they understand the importance of quick removal.

Gang Presentations

Juvenile Services staff provides presentations for youth, parents, schools and community members about the history of gangs, local gangs, trends, and identification of gang behavior.

The purpose of the presentations are:

  • Increase public awareness/prevention ideas.
  • Educate parents on gang awareness/prevention ideas.
  • To encourage communication within community leaders/members.
  • Provide educators/counselors with appropriate intervention skills when dealing with gang-involved youth.

Please contact Jean Nicholas, Custody and Residential Program Manager, at (541)774-4849 if you are interested in scheduling a presentation.

Phoenix/New Freedom Program


The Phoenix Curriculum provides gang prevention and gang intervention resources in two ways:

  • a core evidence-based gang prevention program, The Phoenix Curriculum includes elements specifically designed for youth. It inoculates youth against the highest risk factors for gang involvement. It also links youth to the most available protective factors and assets.
  • a gang intervention curriculum, a comprehensive set of nearly 100 different resources, designed for intervention with higher risk youth.

These highly successful and innovative evidence-based resources are listed as a promising program by the National Gang Center/OJJDP/Bureau of Justice Assistance (Department of Justice).

A Parent’s Quick Reference for Recognizing and Preventing Gang Involvement.

Medford Police Department Gang Brochure - English

Medford Police Department Gang Brochure - Spanish