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May 30, 2023
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Community Justice

Programs & Services: Overview

Community Justice provides a variety of juvenile programs and services based upon research effectiveness and proven measurement for reducing crime. These "best practices" combined with "a balanced approach/restorative justice" philosophy has become the driving force for the division. This philosophy emphasizes community safety, youth accountability, and competency development.

As new programs and services are implemented it is believed that juvenile crime will not only be slowed in growth, but also decreased in numbers, frequency and intensity. The Juvenile Services Division of Community Justice cannot complete this task alone. Juvenile crime is a community problem and requires that all citizens take action against it. Through community wide efforts we all can assist in assuring a positive future for our children and ourselves.

Specific programs and services include:

Over the last few decades, the Juvenile Justice Division has made significant changes to its approach to rehabilitating youth. Here’s a summary from Deputy Director Joe Ferguson.