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October 23, 2021
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Community Supervision (Probation) Programs and Services are designed to meet the needs of the victims, community and offenders with an emphasis on community safety, accountability and competency development.

Youth are referred to a number of programs based on level of risk, needs and supervision requirements. The youth targeted for community supervision are at a higher risk to re-offend and need a higher level of supervision. Community supervision allows these youth to remain in the community rather than being incarcerated in a state facility.

Services Provided by Probation Officers

badgeYouth are assigned to Probation Officers geographically by the city in which they reside. Services youth receive include:

  • Re-assessment of risk to re-offend
  • Developing and implementing case plans
  • Monitoring court ordered conditions
  • Providing services to victims
  • Community service referrals
  • Responding to violations of court orders
  • Counseling, assessments and evaluations
  • Other related services

Once placed on probation, youth will be expected to follow all conditions of their probation.  Conditions of probation may be modified by the Court depending upon the youth's progress and/or level of risk to the community.   The youth's public safety risk and consistent progress towards completing probation will determine whether or not they will be allowed to remain in the community.  Additionally, youth are expected to work on developing better skills such as decision making, relationships, antisocial thinking, interpersonal skills, problem solving, etc. through meetings with their probation officer or when referred to group skill building classes.  A youth's failure to comply with their probation may result in additional sanctions that may include community service, house arrest, placement in detention, placement in a residential facility or commitment to a youth correctional facility.

Parents / guardians are expected to be actively involved in youth's court ordered probation.  This means holding them accountable for their actions, notifying the probation officer when the youth is not complying with the court expectations and demonstrating responsible behavior themselves, both at home and in the community.  The probation officer and Court will work with parents in this process and understand that it isn't always easy, and they want to support parents/guardians.

Parents / guardians may be directed by the Court or probation officer to complete certain conditions with youth.  This may include counseling, parent training, and alcohol/drug assessment and treatment.  Parent / guardian cooperation with the Court, probation officer and service providers through open and honest communication will assist youth to successfully complete probation.  Parent / guardians choosing not to cooperate with the Court, may be held in contempt of court.

Community Supervision helps justice-involved youth make positive changes through assessing their needs, developing plans for improvement, and providing ongoing accountability.