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June 08, 2023
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 Residential Program

The Barriers 2 Bridges program serves 10 adjudicated probation youth, ages 10-20 years of age, which is authorized to provide Rehabilitation Services (RS). The program serves youth that have behavioral problems which cannot be adequately assessed or dealt with while at home, and close and objective observation of the youths day-to-day behavior is needed in order to evaluate the reasons for the behavior and to determine the level of the youth’s need for services, to develop and implement an individual case plan, and to provide rehabilitative services in order to further stabilize the behavior for successful transition back into the community.

The residential program consists of a mixture of single and shared bedrooms, a general living area, classroom, an eating area, bathrooms/showers, servery/laundry, and a private meeting room. In addition to the space in the unit, there is an indoor gym and outdoor recreation area for large muscle activities. The design of the facility maximized opportunities for increased staff / youth interaction and the implementation of a direct supervision model.

The design of this facility provides opportunities to implement approaches to dealing with issues that contribute to the criminal thinking and behavior of youth. By addressing these issues, youth have a greater chance of becoming positive, contributing community members.

Youth placed in the residential program attend a full day, year-round education program provided by the Medford School District, have access to on and off-site health and mental health services, attend skill development groups, participate in daily structured recreation and other activities, and have opportunities for in community-based activities and home passes.

Child-Caring Agency (CCA) Licensing Reports
As required by law, quarterly reports on the use of restraints and involuntary seclusion for youth in placement must be completed, submitted to the Children's Care Licensing Program (CCLP) and placed on our website for public information.  Click here to go to our statistics page where you can find these quarterly reports.  Note: our program does not utilize involutary seclusion.

Daye Stone is the principal with the Medford School District for students in the Barriers 2 Bridges Program. He works with youth to build learning skills and keep up with their school credits.

The residential program at Jackson County Community Justice Juvenile Division is called Barriers 2 Bridges, which is grounded in the Restorative Justice philosophy.

In detention at Juvenile Justice, local teachers work to re-engage youth in learning, and assist in the transfer and completion of school credits.