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September 26, 2023
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Juvenile Statistics


Statistical Reports are completed and provided as valuable information to assist with planning and implementation of services and programming to best serve our community.  The ability to continuously analyze data and trends not only assists with valuable information that is utilized in the development of needed resources, funding, services, staffing, etc. but it also ensures we are providing the highest level of service to our community, youth and families.

Quarterly Reports
Each quarter raw data and detailed statistical information is shared on all areas of the juvenile division, to include risk assessments, total number of referrals (police reports) and youth, most common or serious referrals, case dispositions, services, caseload information, detention program, residential program, and community service.  This report also provides charts and graphs to compare current quarter, previous quarters and 3 year averages.

12 year Data Trends
There are nine total reports that provide 12 year data trends to assess how data has changed over time.  This is utilized to improve services and inform our decision making.

Performance and Quality Improvement Plan
This Plan serves as the foundation of the commitment of the division to continuously improve the quality of the treatment and services it provides to the youth and families of our community.  This report provides measurable outcomes between the different units and function of the division: Support, Probation, Detention and Residential.

Residential Restraints
As required by Oregon law each residential program is to complete a restraint and involuntary seclusion report each quarter and submit to the Children's Care Licensing Program.  Our Barriers 2 Bridges Program does not utilize involuntary seclusion.

Annual County and Statewide Reports are also available through the Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS) on the Oregon Youth Authority webpage https://www.oregon.gov/oya/jjis/Pages/Reports.aspx.


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