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September 26, 2020
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Transition Center Client Services

Client Services

Clients residing at the Community Justice Transition Center have the opportunity to participate in a number of programs aimed at decreasing the likelihood for recidivism. Programs are targeted at treatment, employment, work skills and community engagement.


  • Life Skills - a cognitive-behavioral approach aimed at motivating clients to change within a supportive environment. Classes create an understanding of how attitudes, beliefs and thinking patterns lead to criminal and maladaptive behavior.
  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment - clients assessed with a need for alcohol and drug treatment may attend Alcohol and Drug Treatment groups while participating in the program. These groups provide a cognitive-behavioral approach targeted at attitudes and beliefs which have manifested in chronic substance abuse and criminal behavior.
  • 12-Step Education - a 12-Step educational program based on the disease concept of addiction. Clients are provided an introduction or refresher to the 12-Step programs geared towards building clean and sober lives in the community. Clients participating in this program are connected with community supports and sponsors to assist in their transition from the program.
  • Parenting from the Inside-Out - an interactive cognitive-behavioral parent management skills training program created for incarcerated parents. This course is designed to help parents promote healthy child adjustment and prevent child problem behavior. Learning activities are designed to enhance functioning within the real-life community roles of pro-social parent, employee, citizen and life-long learner.
  • Anger Management - this course combines cognitive-behavioral therapy with relaxation techniques and communication skills interventions. The combined approach presents the participants with options that draw on these different interventions and then encourages them to develop individualized anger control plans utilizing as many of the techniques as possible.


Clients residing at the Transition Center have access to several vocational skill-building groups.

  • Job Readiness - prior to being approved for job search, clients are strongly encouraged to attend the Job Readiness class.