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September 30, 2023
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Transition Center Visitation

In person visitations are allowed upon approval. Clients must submit a visitation list provided upon orientation. They must fill out all the required information on the list. This visitation list is submitted to their assigned Community Justice Officer. The approval process may take up to a week to be completed. Upon approval or denial the client will be notified. The visitors are then responsible for contacting the facility to set up a visitation. The number to contact is 541-774-6610, option 5. You will need to leave a voicemail with your name, number and who you are wanting to visit. Staff will call you back with verification and a time slot. Visitations are completed on Sundays, one visit is allowed per person. These visits are conducted on the north side of the facility. Check-ins must happen prior to the visitation, these take place in the north facility lobby. During the visitation, all visitation rules must be followed. Visitation rules will be displayed upon the television on the north facility lobby prior to the visit. Staff may terminate the visitation if any of the rules are violated.