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September 26, 2020
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Transition Center Visitation Rules

The following rules apply during visitation:

  1. Clients may not visit people with whom there is a no-contact or restraining order, whether court ordered or P.O. directed.
  2. All visitors planning to attend visitation are required to call in weekly between the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm, Monday through Friday, to schedule their visit in advance.
  3. All visitors must identify themselves with a valid picture I.D. Visitors are required to sign a CJTC visitation log and are subject to being searched before entering.
  4. Visitors will leave all personal property in their vehicles. CJTC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  5. A maximum of one (1) visitor per client is allowed per visit, with the exception of children (**see below).
  6. No exchange of any items is permitted, including mail, papers, or care packages. Anyone found in possession of or passing illegal contraband will be prosecuted.
  7. No food or drinks will be allowed in the visitation area during visiting hours.
  8. Holding hands on top of the table is the only physical contact permitted, with exception of visits with children (**see below). This includes no hugging, kissing, and intimate touching during initial greeting or before exiting or visit will be terminated immediately.
  9. All visitors shall be dressed in a manner that adequately covers the body and is not sexually provocative. All clients shall be dressed in complete facility issued uniform including shoes. CJTC staff will make the decision as to whether clothing is or is not acceptable.
  10. Loud noise, loud talking, profane or abusive language is not permitted. Conversations are to remain appropriate and fall within program guidelines.
  11. Visits will be terminated if the visitor or client leaves the table for any reason, with exception of visits with children (**see below). Changing seats is not permitted. When a visit has finished or visiting hours have ended the client(s) shall remain seated until the visitor(s) have left the facility and a staff member has dismissed them.
  12. Visitation is limited to assigned visitor and client. Visiting with other visitors and/or clients is prohibited.
  13. Clients are subject to search for contraband before, during and after visiting.
  14. Clients or visitors who violate these rules will have their visit terminated immediately. Clients may face disciplinary action for violation of these rules.
  15. CJTC reserves the right to refuse any visitor and terminate a visit at any time.

**Child Visitation:

Children must be accompanied by one adult.

Physical contact between client and child will be left to the discretion of CJTC staff.

Responsibility for control and order of child rests with the accompanying adult.