Jackson County, Oregon, USA
September 26, 2023
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Application for Services

checklistWhen you return the application for services to our office include copies of any child support orders, modifications, divorce decrees, custody orders, parenting time orders, children's birth certificates, and other relevant documentation to expedite the processing of your case.  Other ways to avoid problems and delays in processing your case include:

  • Always notifying us of any change in address, telephone, email address or employer for yourself or the other party
  • Responding timely to our inquiries and promptly  providing any documentation requested
  • Informing us if your child legally emancipates, joins the military, marries, is adopted, no longer attends school
  • Informing us if there is a change in custody
  • Informing us if you have privately modified a child support order we are enforcing
  • Informing us if you make payments directly to a party or receive payments directly instead of going through the CSP accounting center

Application for Services at: https://www.doj.state.or.us/child-support/resources/forms/