Jackson County, Oregon, USA
September 30, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are not provided?

Legal Advice – We do not represent you and cannot give you legal advice.  You have the right to hire a private attorney.  If you are represented by an attorney we will not be able to discuss your case with you without your attorney’s consent.

Spousal Support – We enforce spousal support only if child support is part of the same order but we do not enforce spousal support only orders or after the child support is paid in full.

Visitation and Legal Custody – We cannot advise you on issues related to visitation or custody, neither do we enforce on those matters.  If you need assistance with those issues you may need to hire a private attorney or check with the Jackson County court for possible mediation services.

Private Investigator – We do not have the resources to conduct field work outside of the office and any kind of private investigation services on your case.

Enforcement of Medical/Dental Expenses – If you have a private order for the other parent to pay some or all of the child(ren)’s medical or dental expenses we will not be able to help you enforce that.  While we do assist in obtaining orders for medical coverage we are not involved in the matter of who pays medical or dental expenses for the child.  If you need assistance with those issues you may need to hire a private attorney.

Personal Information on the Other Party – We will not disclose personal information on the other party such as an address, phone number, birth date, social security number and place of employment.