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The District Attorney's office is composed of three divisions: Criminal Prosecution, Family Support and Victim Assistance.

The Prosecution and Case Management program is responsible for preparing and filing formal charges against defendants and for conducting hearings and trials associated with those charges. It also advises local police agencies in investigations and obtaining evidence for use in criminal matters.

The Family Support program accepts application for services from non-welfare families to establish paternity, new child support and medical orders, modify existing orders and collect child support payments. The program has the power to enforce on court ordered child support obligations by wage assignment, garnishment, license and passport suspension, tax refund interception and contempt against non-paying parents.

The Victim Assistance program provides general information about the criminal justice system, crisis-intervention and short-term counseling, emotional support, referrals to other community resources, case status and disposition information, assistance with restitution, intercession with other agencies, service providers, employers, etc., and help in filing for crime victim's compensation. Advocates from the program also accompany crime victims and witnesses to court hearings, including grand jury and trials.

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