Jackson County, Oregon, USA
March 29, 2023
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Criminal Division: Frequently Asked Questions

I have a citation for Jackson County Circuit Court for a specific date and when I went to the court my name was not on the schedule. Why and what do I do now?

There are several possibilities for your name not being on the schedule, but  the following are three possibilites: 1) JCDAO reviewed your case and decided to not file the case, 2) JCDAO reviewed your case and decided further investigation is needed before a filing decision can be made and sent it back to the law enforcement agency, or 3) JCDAO has yet to review your case and make a filing decision.  As for what to do now, if JCDAO decides to file a case against you after the date you were to appear, a cite letter will be sent to the address that was recorded in the police report advising you of the charges against you and the time to appear in court.  It is important that if your address has changed since the police officer issued you the citation, you update JCDAO.  To update your address with JCDAO, you need to come to our office in person with identification.  A warrant will likely be issued for your arrest if you do not appear in court on the date listed in the cite letter.