Jackson County, Oregon, USA
March 29, 2023
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Criminal Division: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to the Jackson County District Attorney?

Yes, with some caveats.  First, if you are a defendant and have an attorney, no deputy district attorneys can ethically speak to you.  Communication with JCDAO needs to be done through your defense attorney.  Second, if you are a defendant and do not have an attorney, you will need to fill out a waiver form that explains your rights before a deputy district attorney will speak with you.  This form can be picked up at our front window, and requires a witness’s signature to it.  Third, in general, it is unlikely the Jackson County District Attorney will have any personal knowledge of a case involving you as a victim/witness.  If you have questions, they should initially be directed to the deputy district attorney assigned to the case.  If after attempting to speak to the assigned deputy district attorney, and you still have questions/issues, the Jackson County District Attorney would be the person to contact.  Finally, if you have complaints regarding the JCDAO, the Jackson County District Attorney is the appropriate person to initially contact.