Jackson County, Oregon, USA
March 29, 2023
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Criminal Division: Frequently Asked Questions

I was just subpoenaed for a trial/hearing, what now? Can you tell me if this trial is going?

If you have received a “CRIMINAL ACTION SUBPOENA”, that means you are a victim/witness in a criminal case and have been directed to appear on the date and time mentioned on the subpoena, at the Courthouse on 100 South Oakdale, Medford.  The subpoena will list the name of the defendant against whom the case is proceeding, and underneath the attorney signature line, will be the name of the deputy district attorney who is assigned the case.  If you have questions about why you have been subpoenaed, you need to call JCDAO and ask to speak to the listed attorney.  In the majority of cases, the deputy district attorney listed on the subpoena will likely contact you prior to the listed trial date.  As stated on the subpoena to determine if a trial is going to be proceeding, call the JCDAO, at (541)774-8181, after 5pm the day before the trial to listen to the message listing the next day’s trial/hearing appearances; along with directions for witnesses in each of the matters.