Jackson County, Oregon, USA
April 06, 2020
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Criminal Division Overview
gavelThe Jackson County District Attorney’s Office works closely with all ten police agencies.  We advise police regarding criminal procedure and search warrants. The criminal division consists of the District Attorney, 21 deputy district attorneys and 17 support staff. We appear in Jackson County Circuit Court every day for arraignments, pretrials, trials and motions. In the criminal division our primary function is to prosecute adults and juveniles for criminal conduct. We also handle dependency cases in juvenile court.  The Grand Jury meets three days a week to hear felony cases. A criminal case is assigned to a deputy district attorney for review. The deputy district attorney will make a charging decision on that case based on the evidence and reports submitted by the police agency.  The deputy district attorney will prepare and negotiate the case. In 2018 the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office filed 7,533 cases with the court.