Jackson County, Oregon, USA
September 27, 2023
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How to be notified of an offender’s release

The only way to be notified of someone’s release from an Oregon state prison or the Jackson County Jail is to register with the VINE program.

The VINE program is an automated system that is managed by a company called Apriss. Many states around the nation use the VINE system to notify interested parties of the release of offenders from jail and prisons. In Oregon, the VINE system tracks youth offenders in the Oregon Youth Authority, and adult offenders in both county jails and state prisons. VINE does not notify of youth who are in the Jackson County detention facility or adults who are in the transition center.

crminalHow to register

To register to be notified of an offender’s release through VINE

  • The offender must be incarcerated at the time of registration
  • Call 1.877.674.8463 to register by phone
  • Go to the website at www.vinelink.com to register online
  • Contact the Jackson County Victim Assistance Program for assistance with registration if necessary