Jackson County, Oregon, USA
May 30, 2023
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Restitution is money that an offender is ordered to pay upon conviction. Restitution is ordered for the actual cost of medical, counseling, funeral bills in person crimes. In property crimes restitution is ordered for the replacement cost for stolen property or the cost of repairing damaged items. Restitution does not include any money for pain and suffering. Crime victims looking to have the offender ordered to pay for their pain or suffering need to seek civil remedies.

Facts about restitutionRestitution

  • The Jackson County Victim Assistance Program has two full time staff dedicated to helping crime victims determine and document their loss for restitution purposes
  • To have restitution ordered on your behalf you must submit paperwork to the Victim Assistance Program documenting your loss. Crime victims receive a “Victim Impact Statement” in the mail. Crime victims are asked to fill out both pages of this document and returned it to the Victim Assistance Program with information about their financial loss.
  • Restitution is ordered by the circuit court upon an offender’s conviction.  A criminal case can take months or years to reach a conviction and no restitution will be ordered until the offender is convicted. If the offender is found not guilty or the case is dismissed for some reason, no restitution will be ordered.
  • Once restitution in ordered, those dollars will be collected from the offender by the circuit court.
  • The judgment against the offender is good for 50 years.
  • If the offender does not pay his or her restitution, it may be forwarded to the Oregon Department of Revenue or a private collection agency for collection.
  • Any property that is recovered in the aftermath of the crime can be retrieved from the police agency after the case has resolved. To view or collect property call the police agency’s property department and set up an appointment.