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December 15, 2017
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Development Services Staff Directory

NOTE: For Standard business questions and service, please call the main department numbers during normal business hours.

Staff Title Phone Email
Ted Zuk Interim Development Services Director    
Ted Zuk Building Official / Code Enforcement Supervisor 541-774-6921 zuktj@jacksoncounty.org
DeAnna Bingham Fiscal Administrator / Office Manager 541-774-6902 binghads@jacksoncounty.org
Sharon Barger Planning/Building Specialist 541-774-6927 bargersl@jacksoncounty.org
Patricia Guida Office Assistant 541-774-6957 guidapa@jacksoncounty.org
Laura Marshall Office Assistant 541-774-6950 marshala@jacksoncounty.org
Deeanne McGaugh Office Assistant 541-774-6905 mcgaugda@jacksoncounty.org
Penny Rogers Office Assistant 541-774-6923 rogerspr@jacksoncounty.org
Building Technician    
Gail Gibson Building Technician 541-774-6927 gibsongg@jacksoncounty.org
Heather Lathrop Building Technician 541-774-6927 lathrohe@jacksoncounty.org
Serena Locke Building Technician 541-774-6927 lockesk@jacksoncounty.org
Inspectors / Plans Examiners    
Todd Brooks Inspector 541-774-6919 brookstd@jacksoncounty.org
Breck Cook Plans Examiner 541-774-6924 cooksb@jacksoncounty.org
CJ Marincus Inspector 541-774-6920 marinccj@jacksoncounty.org
Bob Phillips Inspector 541-774-6912 phillibh@jacksoncounty.org
Dennis Richey Inspector 541-774-6913 richeyde@jacksoncounty.org
Alex Rodrguez Inspector 541-774-6962 rodrigar@jacksoncounty.org
Mark Stevens Inspector 541-774-6177 stevenmj@jacksoncounty.org
Code Enforcement Officers    
Alicia Brown Code Enforcement Officer 541-774-6906 brownaa@jacksoncounty.org
Tod Miller Code Enforcement Officer 541-774-6906 millertr@jacksoncounty.org
Jason Zanni Code Enforcement Officer 541-774-6906 zannijb@jacksoncounty.org
Tamara Ilten Code Enforcement Office Assistant 541-774-6906 iltents@jacksounty.org
Planning (Comprehensive/Long Range)    
Craig Anderson Planner 541-774-6907 anderscm@jacksoncounty.org
Charles Bennett Planner 541-774-6907 bennetch@jacksoncounty.org
Mike Mattson Planner 541-774-6907 mattsomw@jacksoncounty.org
Planning (Current)    
Frank Hernandez Planner 541-774-6907 hernanfm@jacksoncounty.org
Young-sook Kim Planner 541-774-6907 kimys@jacksoncounty.org
Mathew Langley Planner 541-774-6907 langlemi@jacksoncounty.org
Dawn Nall Planner 541-774-6907 nalldm@jacksoncounty.org
Tracie Nickel Planner 541-774-6907 nickeltl@jacksoncounty.org
Ken Skyles Planner 541-774-6907 skyleskd@jacksoncounty.org
Summer Williams Planner 541-774-6944 williasm@jacksoncounty.org