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December 07, 2022
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Rebuild Guides for Fire Victims

Manufactured Homes

Before you purchase a new or used manufactured dwelling, check with the Jackson County Development Services Building and Planning divisions for permit and land use requirements. 

When purchasing a manufactured dwelling constructed on or after June 15, 1976, verify that the manufactured dwelling has an insignia of compliance.

If your home is located in a manufactured dwelling park, verify park requirements with the park owner or manager. Many manufactured dwelling parks have site-specific requirements.

To retrieve Manufactured Home documents from the State, see instructions in the documents to download section at the bottom of this page.

Check License

CCB license search
Email: ccb.info@state.or.us
Phone: 503-378-4261

BCD license holder search
Email: license.bcd@oregon.gov
Phone: 503-373-1268

If you are hiring a contractor, verify that they have the required Construction Contractors Board (CCB) and Building Codes Division (BCD) licenses.

For installing and repairing a manufactured dwelling, contractors are required to have a CCB license and a BCD Manufactured Dwelling Installer (MDI) license.

* An MDI license is not required for electrical or plumbing work performed by licensed plumbers and electricians, or for excavation, concrete flat work, drywall, or carpet laying.

For electrical or plumbing repairs, contractors are required to have a CCB license and the appropriate BCD electrical or plumbing contractor’s license.

If you are repairing a manufactured dwelling, it must comply with one of the following:

The code that was in effect when the dwelling was constructed. (If the dwelling was constructed prior to June 1976, the 1971 ANSI 119.1 Standard and the 1971 National Electrical Code.)
The equivalent Oregon Residential Specialty Code; or
A substantially equivalent material and/or method approved by the local municipality.

Repairs cannot take the manufactured dwelling out of compliance with the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standard or the Oregon Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code.

For repairs that include re-roofing, the following requirements apply:
Existing roofing and underlayment must be removed prior to installing new roofing materials.

Damaged or defective rafters, trusses, or sheathing must be repaired or replaced before installing new roofing materials.

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