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June 10, 2023
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Closed Planning Projects
The projects listed below have either been adopted by the Board of Commissioners or are projects that have been withdrawn or denied.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jackson County LDO Text Amendment for Farm Stands and Wineries

LRP2009-00009: Jackson County LDO Text Amendment for Farm Stands and Wineries

A Text Amendment to Section 4.2.7(F) and Section 4.2.7(G) of the Jackson County Land Development updating the language consistent with the provisions enacted by House Bill 3280 related to wineries in the exclusive farm use zone.  Section 13.3(312), winery definition, will also be amended to conform to the changes.  Also, consideration of amendments to Section 4.2.7(D) which establishes a review process and clarity for farm stand proposals.  Amendments to Table 4.2-1 will change the review procedures for both wineries and farm stands from a Type 2 review process to a Type 1 review process thereby establishing the winery and the farm stand as Type 1 uses.


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