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June 09, 2023
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Closed Planning Projects
The projects listed below have either been adopted by the Board of Commissioners or are projects that have been withdrawn or denied.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Site Plan Review Amendments

LRP2012-00002 - Site Plan Review Amendment

Project Name:  Site Plan Review Amendments
File Number:  LRP2012-00002
Applicant: Jackson County Development Services 
Property Owner: Various 
Project Description:  Consideration of Text Amendments to the Jackson County Land Development Ordinance revising Site Plan Review, Section 3.2, establishing uniform procedures for reviewing new and existing site development and to provide an expedited process for changes of use and ownership, other text amendments, Chapters 6-9 and Chapters 11-12 directly related to Site Plan Review and Definitions, Section 13.3 revising definitions related to uses in Table 6.2-1 and those specific to Site Plan Review
Project Location:  Lots or parcels that allow multi-family, commercial, industrial, or public/quasi-public uses
Staff Contact: Zac Moody 
Effective:  7/21/2013




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