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10 S. Oakdale Ave. Room #100 • Medford, Oregon 97501
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February 25, 2021
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Correction of LDO Scrivners Errors - ARCHIVE

Jackson County Board of County Commissioners held multiple public hearings in the Auditorium of the Jackson County Offices, 10 South Oakdale, Medford, Oregon. The purpose of the public hearings was to:

Consider amendments to the Jackson County Land Development Ordinance to;

(1) correct scriveners errors,

(2) clarify meaning in various sections of the acknowledged Land Development Ordinance, and

(3) comply with changes in State land use law. The proposed amendments are no more or less restrictive than current local regulations (File LRP2005-00009).

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2006-00010 for the Scrivners Errors. Ordinance 2006-00010 went into affect on February 19th 2007.