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February 25, 2021
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

White City Unincorporated Community Plan History - ARCHIVE

Summary of the White City Urban
Unincorporated Community Plan
Phase 2

On Wednesday, September 17, 2003, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners adopted Ordinance Nos. 2003-19, 2003-20 and 2003-21, which approve the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan (WCUUCP), Phase 2.  The ordinances took effect on November 17, 2003.

Phase 1 of the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan was adopted by Jackson County on September 2, 1998.  This first phase created the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Boundary (WCUUCB).  The White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan functions in conjunction with the Jackson County Comprehensive Plan and Jackson County Land Development Ordinance in guiding development in White City.  As part of the adoption process, White City was recognized by the State as an urban area which allows it to develop at urban densities and with urban uses, as adequate levels of public services and facilities are made available.

The White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan states that "Following approval of Phase 1 planning, the Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency ...will initiate and undertake detailed urban planning to accomplish White City's second planning phase-Phase 2."  Beginning in 2001, the White City Planning Commission has been working on Phase 2 of the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan.  Two open houses were held (November 6, 2001, and December 1, 2001) to receive input from the citizens of White City and to gain an understanding of the needs and desires of community residents.  In addition, the White City Planning Commission has held numerous work sessions and public hearings to discuss the land use plan and connectivity plan.  Phase 2 of the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan includes:

  1. A White City Comprehensive Plan Map and White City Zoning Map which increases the residential densities from suburban to urban levels;
  2. A Transportation Connectivity Plan which depicts important street connections throughout the community and regional road corridors for future study;
  3. Amendments to the Jackson County Comprehensive Plan, Map Designations Element, Transportation Element and Urban Lands Element; and
  4. Amendments to the Jackson County Land Development Ordinance, Chapter 259, White City Urban Unincorporated Community; and Section 280.110(Q), Jackson County Sports Park Noise Overlay, was added.

Map Designations Element 

The Map Designations Element describes the future characteristics of lands within the various plan designations.  This element includes criteria to be applied in decisions about how property is designated on the plan and zoning maps.  The following charges are proposed for this element.

  1. Urban Residential Designations:  The current urban resdiential designation will remain unchanged.  A separate White City Urban Residential designation has been created to accommodate the White City Plan, which would apply to White City only.
  2. Neighborhood Commerical:  As currently written, the Neighborhood Commercial designation would not be allowed in White City.  Therefore, section (A)(viii) has been amended to accommodate Neighborhood Commercial within the WCUUCB.
  3. Light Industrial and General Industrial:  In these designations, a paragraph has been added to each to allow nodes of neighborhood commercial development within the district that primarily serves the industrial area employment base.

Transportation Element

The Transportation Element addresses all modes of transportation in the County over a 20 to 25 year planning period.  It sets forth policies and implementation measures that include related plans and programs designed to maintain and improve the transportation system.  A policy is proposed to be added that would create the basis for the Transportation Connectivity Map and related implementing regulations.  These policies provide for adoption of the connectivity map as well as ordinances that would mandate that new development install streets consistent with the plan.

Urban Lands Element

The Urban Lands Element sets forth policies related to urbanization of land in the unincorporated area that lies within urban growth boundaries and urban unincorporated  communities such as White City.  The 1982 Comprehensive Plan created urban containment boundaries, one of which surrounded White City.  In 1998, the County adopted an urban unincorporated community plan for White City.  Amendments in Policies 2 and 3 of this element reflect these changes.  Information and statistics on White city that were included in the Urban Lands Element were made obsolete by the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan.  This information is being removed.  Also, Policy 9 of this element stated that densities in White City would reamin at one (1) dwelling per acre until all necessary public facilities were in place.  This policy needed to be removed since all public facilities now adequately serve the entire area at urban densities.  Policy 9 now references the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan as the guiding document for future development in White City and provides new implementing strategies.

Chapter 259, White City Urban Unincorporated Community

Chapter 259 sets forth requirements that apply solely to lands located within the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Boundary.  Phase 2 of the White City Urban Unincorporated Community Plan is implemented by the new regulations being proposed in Chapter 259.  For that reason, the previous Chapter was repealed in its entirety and replaced with this Chapter.  The new Chapter 259 includes regulations regarding special notations on the zoning map, residential densities and uses, relocation of housing, approval requirements related to the Jackson County Sports Park, neighborhood commercial uses in industrial zones, street connectivity, connection to public sewer and water, land use buffering and screening, fences, wall and hedges, street frontage landscaping, street trees, landscape and xeriscape requirements, and deferment of improvements.

Chapter 280, Subsection 280.110(Q), Jackson County Sports Park Noise Overlay

A new Area of Special Concern (ASC 2003-2) has been created which requires developers to record a deed declaration for lands that may be affected by noise from the Jackson County Sports Park.  The entire residential area within White City was determined by the Jackson County Parks Commission to be affected, as shown on the map accompanying the text.