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August 10, 2022
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Oregon Community Trees honors Kristin Ramstad with its President's Award for urban forestry achievements (Photo)
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Oregon Community Trees honors Kristin Ramstad with its President's Award for urban forestry achievements (Photo)

SALEM, Ore. – Salem resident Kristin Ramstad has been honored by Oregon Community Trees (OCT) for her many contributions to urban forestry in Oregon.

Samantha Wolf is OCT president. She bestowed  the OCT President’s Award on Ramstad at the fall meeting of the non-profit organization’s board.  “This year’s honoree has done a tremendous amount to promote and improve urban forestry across the state during her 30-year career with the Oregon Department of Forestry,”

Ramstad manages the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Program. In her role there she:

  • Secured a large grant to promote digital tree inventories in Oregon communities. The improved documentation allows for better planning and maintenance of city trees. So far about 14 Oregon cities are using the inventory.
  • Was involved on the team that developed Oregon’s project celebrating the centennial of the National Association of State Foresters “100 People, Places and Things to Know About Oregon Forestry”
  • Worked on the Oregon Hiroshima Peace Tree project, outreaching to Tree City USA communities across the state to interest them in trees and carefully reviewing siting plans to ensure each tree ended up in the most appropriate location where it could thrive. She also co-planted the peace tree on ODF’s own campus in Salem.
  • Worked to revitalize the Grove of the States at the Wilsonville rest stop along I-5, including growing some of the trees to be big enough to plant.
  • Gave numerous educational webinars for urban forestry managers and others, most recently on climate change in eastern Oregon and its potential impact on urban forests there.
  • Provided expert urban forestry guidance and education to municipal leaders on how to best maintain and grow their urban canopy.
  • Edits a quarterly online newsletter on urban forestry topics.

In addition to her ODF role, Ramstad has also served as Chair of Oregon Heritage Trees, an advisory committee in support of the Oregon Travel Information Council program that recognizes and preserves old or historically relevant trees that tell the story of Oregon and its people. She also helps organize Oregon’s annual Urban and Community Forestry Conference, securing speakers and occasionally presenting topics herself.

“We are so grateful to have a dedicated champion of urban forestry for our state,” said Wolf. She noted that Ramstad has also been a stalwart supporter of OCT, working to support OCT’s urban forestry-related grant program and funding board members to attend the national Alliance for Community Trees Conference each year.

Ramstad’s long-time colleague in urban and community forestry at ODF, Katie Lompa in Sisters, Ore., said Ramstad is especially dedicated to educating Oregonians about trees in urban settings. “Kristin’s knowledge of urban & community forestry management is profound and she is passionate about sharing it with others.”

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