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September 19, 2020
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Fire in North Ashland and Talent

Alameda Fire - Several areas in the Talent, Phoenix, South Medford area are being evacuated

Fire in North Ashland and Talent

Udated Fire Map 7:15 p.m. below

Evacuation Levels are in place for the fire area south of Medford.

LEVEL 3: If you are south of Glenwood Ave. on Hwy 99 and south of Campbell Road in the North Phoenix area you are at Level 3. This area is from Hwy 99 to the area of Norht Phoenix.

LEVEL 2: All areas south of Barnett Road to Campbell Rd and Glenwood.

LEVEL 1: All of Jackson County is considered at Level 1.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION - The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is issuing an immediate evacuation notice for all businesses and residents in the Phoenix area due to wildfire. The evacuation includes including all properties between I-5, north to Voorhees Road, west to Coleman and south to Pioneer and Culver Road. There is a temporary evacuation site located at the Expo, sheltering is not available.


There is currently a very large emergency fire situation in the area roughly between I-5 and Highway 99 between South Valley View Rd. and the Quiet Village area of Ashland, including Eagle Mill Road. Please stay out of the area as traffic is highly congested and fire crews are working the area.

I-5 was closed between Exit 35 Central Point to Exit 14, south Ashland both North and South bound lanes as of 1:10PM

Several areas in the Talent area are being evacuated. This includes Talent Avenue, Mountain View Estates and Suncrest Road Areas. For information regarding the fire in North Ashland and Talent, you may call 541-776-7338. Please be patient, and if you are unsure, evacuate. 

(Current evacuation is from West Nevada Road Ashland to Colver Road/Suncrest area in Talent). A temporary evacuation point, NOT SHELTERING, has been established at the Jackson County Expo. Be sure you're signed up for Citizen Alert to get alerts about emergencies near your home, workplace, children’s schools or other important places!

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