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June 04, 2023
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Jackson County Conducting Live Emergency Alert System Test Friday, May 5, 2023

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Jackson County Conducting Live Emergency Alert System Test Friday, May 5, 2023

On Friday, Jackson County will initiate a live Emergency Alert System (EAS) test in coordination with KOBI. This test is scheduled for Friday, May 5.

Per the State of Oregon EAS Plan, the system must be tested monthly. Jackson and Josephine Counties partner with KOBI, our local state primary broadcast station which coordinates the monthly live test. Jackson County Emergency Management initiates live EAS tests in January, May, and September.  

"Local emergency preparedness is vital to our communities," said Bob Wise, Vice President and General Manager of KOBI-TV NBC5/KOTI-TV NBC2. "We are proud to partner with Jackson County on the upcoming EAS test. As broadcasters, we are responsible for working closely with our local emergency service agencies to ensure that important messages are passed along to our viewers quickly and efficiently."   

In cooperation with public safety, broadcasters, and cable operators, this system informs you of events that immediately threaten your life or property.  If this were an actual emergency requiring immediate action or evacuation, official messages would follow the alert tone.

"This EAS test is one of the many critical efforts we conduct to keep our Citizens and Communities safe," Jackson County Emergency Manager Holly Powers shares. "Testing the EAS system's infrastructure is important, and we also encourage citizens to sign up for or update their Citizen Alert account; you can do this at www.jacksoncounty.org/emergency."

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