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November 27, 2020
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Jackson County Evacuations North County Update - Obenchain Fire

Fire Map Evacuation Level Update 9/25/20

Jackson County Evacuations North County Update - Obenchain Fire

9/25/20 Update: Evacuations levels lowered, see map.

9/21/20 Update:

Evacuation levels in the Obenchain fire have been lowered. All properties East of North and South Obenchain Roads within the burn area remain at a Level 3 "Go!" All properties west of North and South Obenchain Road are now at a Level 2 "Be Set", residents may return to their property. Properties bounded by North and South Obenchain on the west, Butte Falls Fish Lake road on the north, Salt Creek Rd. on the east and HWY 140 on the south are all Level 2 "Be Set!", all properties outside of this area are Level 1 "Be Ready"

Visible flames and smoke will persist within the fire perimeter until a season-ending rain or snow event. Only call 911 if flames are actively spreading and life or property are threatened. Please provide a specific address or location for firefighters to respond. 

All perimeters around the South Obenchain Fire are in mop-up and/or patrol status. Resources are steadily making progress mopping up into the interior up to 300 ft. to secure all containment lines.  The entire west perimeter is now in patrol status.  The repair group is making good progress cleaning up dozer lines, repairing fencing, waterbarring and completing other suppression repairs. Reconnaissance flights are occurring twice a day scouting for visible smokes from above.  Resources determined as excess to operational needs are demobilized to return home for a well-deserved rest or reassigned to assist with other incidents.

Evacuations: Areas inside the immediate burn area remain at Level 3 with restricted entry and areas outside the immediate burn area have been reduced to Level 2.

9/19/20 11:00 a.m. Update:

Areas outside of the immediate burn area, previously at a red Level 3 “GO!” are reduced to a yellow Level 2 “Be Ready”, residents may return to their homes in the areas east of Salt Creek Rd. and north of Hwy 140, including the Salt Creek and Wasson Canyon drainage areas. Areas inside the immediate burn area remain at a red Level 3 with restricted entry.

9/18/20 3:15 p.m. Update:

Most areas involved in the South Obenchain Fire are open for residents to return. This includes the City of Butte Falls and Butte Falls Highway. However, those drivers using Butte Falls Highway will need to show proof of residents at the check point.

The following areas remain at Level 3 “Go”. (See attached map).  Those area include:

  • Those areas around the immediate fire perimeter, and;
  • Those areas north of Oregon 140 between Salt Creek Road east to BLM Road 36-2E-26.

9/16/20 1:00 p.m. Update:

Further containment of the South Obenchain Fire allows for evacuation levels to be reduced on the south end of the fire zone.

The following areas are downgraded by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department from Level 3 “Go” to Level 2 “Be Set”. This allows residents to return to their homes in the following areas (see map).

  • Properties north of Oregon 140 between Salt Creek Road west to South Obenchain Road and north to the fire perimeter.
  • Salt Creek and South Obenchain Roads remain closed to public traffic.

9/14/20 2:00 p.m. Update:

South Obenchain Fire: evacuation zones downgraded
Portions of Shady Cove, Trail areas safe to allow most residents to return home.
Due to favorable conditions on the South Obenchain Fire, many evacuation levels
are being rolled back by Jackson County Sheriff's Department to allow residents to return to
their homes.

The following areas have been downgraded from Level 3 "Go" to Level 2 "Set", which will allow
residents return to their homes (see map).

This includes the following areas:

• Nearly all of the City of Shady Cove and the Trail community
• All properties accessing Brophy, Ball, Reese Creek and Worthington Roads
• All properties on Crowfoot Road one mile north of Butte Falls Highway to Oregon 62.
Oregon 62
• Butte Falls Highway from Oregon 62 to Reese Creek Road.
• Areas south of Oregon 140 and north of Brownsboro.
• All of Oregon 62.

The following areas have been downgraded from Level 2- "Set" to Level 1- "Be Ready":
• Those areas directly southwest, west and north of Shady Cove
• And the properties accessing both sides of Oregon 62 between Trail and Casey State

This reopens Oregon 62 through to Oregon 230/Diamond Lake intersection with Oregon 138E to U.S. 97. Oregon 62 at U.S. 97 near Chiloquin remains closed due to fire activity.


9/13/20 5:30 p.m. Update:

The Jackson County Sheriff has expanded a Level 2 Evacuation, Be Set (be ready to leave at a moment’s notice) for the Butte Falls-Fish Lake Road area from Mile Point 22 to Oregon Highway 140. This includes the Willow Lake area and all properties east of Butte Falls-Fish Lake Road including the Parker Meadows and Whiskey Springs areas. A temporary evacuation point has been established at the Expo.


Level 3 evacuation notices (Go) for north Jackson County 9/10/20 

7:00 p.m.: Due to Obenchain Fire growth to the east, the Jackson County Sheriff’s office has upgraded the evacuation notice near Butte Falls.

Level 3 “Go!” Evacuation has been issued for all Salt Creek Road up through Wassen Canyon, the Lake Creek Loop area and Oregon 140 to Gardner Road. Oregon 140 will remain open at this time.

A temporary evacuation point is established at the Jackson County Expo.

A Level 2 “Be Set” evacuation notice is in effect for South Fork Little Butte Creek Road and Lake Creek Loop for three miles south of Lake Creek Loop Road.


3:00 p.m.: LEVEL 3 GO! An evacuation has been ordered for all of Butte Falls, Cobleigh Rd., the McNeil Creek Area, and Crowfoot Road due to the Obenchain Fire. Evacuate EAST on Butte Falls-Fish Lake or South on Hwy 62 you will be escorted through Shady Cove.

The evacuated areas are bounded by Butte Falls Highway to the south and all connecting roads 2 miles past Butte Falls on Butte Falls -Fish Lake Road Northward including the first 4 miles past Butte Falls on Butte Falls - Prospect Hwy and northwesterly to toward Lost Creek Lake Dam, Highway 62 the northern boundary.


1:00 p.m.: The Jackson County Sheriffs office has issued a level 3 GO! evacuation for the Obenchain fire. The boundary includes all areas North from Butte Falls Hwy to Hwy 62 outside of Trail, Crow Foot Road to the East, and Hwy 62 to the West. There is a fast moving and erratic wildfire, please go now. The Jackson County Expo has a Temporary Evacuation Point established.


Jackson County Sheriff’s officials are upgrading the evacuation area in north Jackson County for the Obenchain Fire from Butte Falls Road north along both sides of Oregon 62 - west to the Rogue River - to Brophy Road at the south end of Shady Cove (see attached map).

The Jackson County Emergency Management Center has announced that Evacuation Level 3 is now in effect for the Shady Cove area.

The area begins on Rogue River Drive at the Takelma Boat Ramp and runs north on both sides of the road to Highway 62. Level 3 includes all of the City of Shady Cove and continues north on Highway 62 to include the community of Trail.

This is a fast moving wind driven fire residents should immediately evacuate.

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