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September 27, 2022
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Mop-Up Operations Continue Across Westside Complex Fires

Mop-Up Operations Continue Across Westside Complex Fires

JACKSON & JOSEPHINE COUNTIES, Ore. (Aug. 22, 2022) – Fire behavior within the Westside Complex remained minimal overnight. While the larger fires, Ladybug, Keeler and Tallowbox, still have small islands of activity, all smokes are well within the interior of established containment lines, with little risk of spreading further. Full mop-up operations will continue over the next several days to prevent embers or other burning debris from crossing containment lines. The task of mopping up begins with professional timber fallers removing snags and other hazardous trees that will allow hand crews safe access into each fire’s interior to extinguish hot spots, much like dousing a smoldering campfire.

The Rum Creek and Hog Creek Fires now under the management of PNW IMT 13. For future updates on these two incidents, follow https://www.facebook.com/rumcreekfire2022 

Increased winds are once again forecasted for later this afternoon; aircraft, including helicopters will likely be utilized to assist ground resources and prevent flare-ups. Winds are expected out of the northwest that could carry smoke from the fires into the southern part of the valley. Cooler temperatures and higher humidity are also expected today that could reduce fire behavior. 

No homes are threatened, and no evacuation orders have been placed. Please be aware of any potential changes and follow Jackson County Emergency Management, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Josephine County Emergency Management and the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office for any evacuation information.

New starts from human-caused fires continue to be minimal. ODF fire managers and our partners appreciate the attention to fire prevention. The district remains in extreme fire danger with many fire-prone activities prohibited; a current list of regulations is available on https://swofire.com/. If your plans include traveling to other parts of the state, please visit https://www.oregon.gov/odf/fire/pages/restrictions.aspx to learn about fire restrictions in those areas.

Fire information is available at www.swofire.com or Facebook page @ODF Southwest Oregon District.