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October 31, 2020
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Red Cross to Begin Transitioning Delivery of Emergency Sheltering Options

Red Cross to Begin Transitioning Delivery of Emergency Sheltering Options

The Red Cross is winding down operations of the congregate (indoor) sheltering at the Jackson County EXPO.  As of noon, Tuesday, October 6, all people seeking shelter will be placed in a non-congregate shelter location, such as the variety of hotels that the Red Cross has placed disaster survivors in to date.  There have been no occupants at the indoor shelter for the past several nights, as occupants have been moved to other local lodging locations.

The emergency sheltering locations at the EXPO and the Phoenix elementary school were activated to provide immediate sheltering options for the large number of evacuees in the time following the recent fires in Jackson County. Emergency shelters aren’t typically intended to stay open for long periods of time, especially while operating under COVID-19 protocols that discourage group sheltering.  Red Cross workers are connecting with current shelter residents to help them plan for the future and make housing arrangements in partnership with Jackson County, the state, and other community organizations.

Red Cross will continue to provide sheltering at local hotels for those in need.  Community members needing sheltering assistance should contact the Red Cross at 1-800-REDCROSS, or visit www.redcross.org.

Recreational vehicle camping at the EXPO will remain open and managed by the Red Cross.

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