Jackson County, Oregon, USA

Jackson County Courthouse
10 South Oakdale Ave.
Medford, Oregon 97501

June 08, 2023
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ORS 294.250 Documents

The documents posted below and available for review include the following information required to be published by ORS 294.250:

  1. A schedule of those expenditures of Jackson County which (a) singly exceed $500 for the previous month and (b) were made to claimants who received in excess of $500 for the previous month in return for a combination of articles or services which individually cost less than $500; and
  2. A concise statement of the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners of Jackson County in the transaction of county business entered of record during the previous month.  

This information may be viewed below and copies of all or parts of the posted information may be obtained from the County upon request and upon payment of a fee not exceeding the actual costs incurred by the County in making copies of the posted information.