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March 26, 2023
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Counter Sale Property Information

Tax foreclosed properties that have been previously offered at a Auction can be purchased over the counter. Properties that are sold in an over the counter sale, are sold for not less than the minimum bid from the previous auction. Jackson County makes no representation, either expressed or implied, that any parcel of property so offered for sale will be approved by the Planning and Development Department for installment thereon of a subsurface sewage or disposal system. Access to parcels not served by a dedicated public road or way will be the responsibility of the buyer. Prospective  purchaser should verify the land use zoning classification of each parcel before bidding. Purchases of timber and compliance with provisions of ORS 275.290. Jackson County makes no warranty or representation as to whether the property is encumber by liens or easements.

Contracts are available on properties in which the purchase price exceeds $10,000.00. Contracts are carried for a maximum of 20 years at nine percent interest (9%). Purchaser is required to provide financial statement at the time of bid showing satisfactory ability to make agreed payments.

Forms ( click to view):

Financial Statement

Sample contract

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