Jackson County, Oregon, USA

Jackson County Courthouse
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June 26, 2017
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Property Tax Change of Address

ORS 311.555 (in part) “Each person, firm or corporation owning real or personal property within the state, or against whom taxes upon real or personal property are chargeable, shall keep the tax collector of the county where such real or personal property is situated informed of the true and correct address of the person, firm or corporation.”

This change of address shall affect only properties that are listed and designated on the county tax records as:

I hereby authorize and request that the following address be entered upon the tax rolls of Jackson County as my true and correct mailing address:
By typing my name in the electronic signature field, I hereby certify that: (1) I am an individual who is the current legal owner of this property or I am authorized to submit this on behalf of a non-individual person that is the current legal owner of this property; (2) if I am submitting this notice as an individual, this notice contains my residence address; and (3) if I am submitting this notice on behalf of a non-individual person, this notice contains the name and address of persons upon whom process may be served.