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June 06, 2023
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Adoption Information

Your local shelters are full of wonderful companions that are waiting for a new home. If you're looking for a new pet, or know someone who is, please make a visit to your local shelter. The perfect companion is waiting for you there.

How it works
We do require the prospective adopter to complete an application which is checked to make sure there are no problems with landlords or prior pet problems. All animals that are adopted from the shelter must be spayed or neutered before being taken home by their new owners.  It also requires compliance with dog license regulations within required time. If the application checks out, and if the adopter agrees to the terms of the adoption, they leave with a new family member. This program has reduced the numbers of pets returned or abandoned after adoption.

Adopt A Pet

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Other adoption agencies in the Rogue Valley:

Southern Oregon Humane Society -  (541)779-3215
 2910 Table Rock Rd, Medford, OR 97501

Committed Alliance To Strays, C.A.T.S. -  (541)779-2916
 104 N. Ross Lane, Medford, OR 97501

Adoption Fees & Information

Our goal is to place as many adoptable pets in new homes as possible. Then why charge? Why not just give them away? Historically, facts have shown us that when a person pays an adoption fee for a pet they are more likely to keep the pet. It places a value on the pet and lets us know the adopter is making an investment into the pets future. It also allows us to provide a Spay or Neuter program for adopted pets. The small amount of the adoption that the shelter does keep aids in covering the cost of care for the animals in shelter care. It's a win, win deal....

Adult Dog Adoption Fees - $160.00
Puppy Adoption Fees (under 6 months) - $250

Fees include the dog's first vaccinations, a free veterinary check up, the spay or neuter surgery for unaltered dogs and one hour of free in-home training. An annual dog license fee of $25 is also required for all dogs 6 months and older adopted by Jackson County residents. 

  • The policy we are moving to includes:
    • >22 dogs available for adoption we will waive the adoption fee
    • If we have 15-22 dogs available for adoption we will have reduced adoption fees of $50

Watch our Facebook page daily for when we have a fee waived or a reduced fee day.

Adult Cat Adoption Fees - $70.00
Kitten Adoption Fees (under 6 months) - $100.00

Fees also includes the first vaccinations, testing for feline leukemia (FeLV) and immunodeficiency virus (FIV), a free vet check and the spay or neuter surgery for unaltered cats.

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