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March 30, 2023
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Animal Control Regulations for Jackson County, Oregon

Animal Care and Control Regulations are enforced throughout Jackson County. Individual cities may have additional regulations pertaining to animals within city limits.

Please refer to the Jackson County Code to see a full copy of this chapter. County Code (select part 6)

Dog Control District and County Animal Control Officers


(a) It is hereby declared that Jackson County is a dog control district pursuant to ORS 609.030 (1999). The Board of Commissioners elects to act as the Board of Supervisors of the Dog Control District.

(b) County animal control officers are code enforcement officers as described in JCC 203.01(b), with all the same powers and duties therein. In addition, County animal control officers shall have any additional powers and duties authorized by state law to enforce laws related to animal control and to enforce such related regulations as are imposed by County ordinance.

(c) County Animal Control Officers are designated as "peace officers" as that term is defined in ORS 161.015(4) only as it pertains specifically to the authority provided in ORS 167.345(1) and (2).

(d) County animal control officers shall be issued identification in the same manner as provided in JCC 203.01(b). County animal control officers shall carry such identification and display it upon request or as appropriate in the performance of duties.