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March 30, 2023
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Animal Control Regulations for Jackson County, Oregon

Animal Care and Control Regulations are enforced throughout Jackson County. Individual cities may have additional regulations pertaining to animals within city limits.

Please refer to the Jackson County Code to see a full copy of this chapter. County Code (select part 6)

Issuance of Dog License


(a)   All dog licenses issued pursuant to the terms of this chapter shall be valid for a period of one, two or three years from the date of issuance, at the option of the keeper. A current rabies inoculation shall be required for the entire licensing period selected.

(b)   Dog license tags shall be securely displayed upon the dog licensed at all times, except when the dog is confined to the keeper’s premises or displayed in an exhibition.

(c)   A dog license is not transferable to another dog. The dog license number shall be assigned to the dog and shall remain with the dog upon transfer to another keeper for the duration of the license period.

(d)   A dog displaying a current license from jurisdictions outside Jackson County, but within the State of Oregon, shall not require licensing under this section until the current license expires.  However, the keeper of a dog who has moved into Jackson County must register the dog with the County within 30 days of moving to Jackson County.

(e)   The keeper of a dog who has moved to Jackson County from another state shall have 30 days to meet licensing requirements.  A license from another state shall not be transferable to Jackson County.

(f)   Dog licenses may be sold in outpost locations by non-County personnel when authorized by a properly executed contract with the County to do so.

(Ord. 2001-2. Passed 5-23-01.)