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September 21, 2023
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Animal Control Regulations for Jackson County, Oregon

Animal Care and Control Regulations are enforced throughout Jackson County. Individual cities may have additional regulations pertaining to animals within city limits.

Please refer to the Jackson County Code to see a full copy of this chapter. County Code (select part 6)

Regulation of Wolf/Dog Hybrids


(a) Animals declared by the owner or keeper to be wolf/dog hybrids must be licensed under this Chapter but will be exempt from the requirement for rabies vaccination. In the event that a rabies vaccine becomes licensed for use in wolf/dog hybrids, this exemption will be withdrawn. Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, all other regulations contained within this Chapter apply to wolf/dog hybrids in the same manner as they apply to all other dogs.

(b) Any wolf/dog hybrid found to have bitten or physically injured a person is subject to standard testing as otherwise provided by State law for wild or exotic animals.

(c) Upon declaration or upon reasonable belief by the Director that an animal is a wolf or wolf/dog hybrid, the keeper shall be subject to the restrictions set forth in this chapter.

(1) The keeper may seek a hearing before the hearings officer to object to the subject animal's designation as a wolf or wolf/dog hybrid, and is subject to hearing rules and procedures as set forth under this Chapter.

(d) Wolf/dog hybrids shall be confined within an enclosure or kennel, which meets the requirements of subsection (e) herein, at all times when not on a strong, secure leash. The secure enclosure or kennel must be located so as to not interfere with the public's legal access to the keeper's property. No wolf/dog hybrid may be chained or tethered as a method of confinement.

(e) All secure enclosures or kennels which will be used to confine a wolf/dog hybrid must be inspected by the Director or his or her designee prior to housing a wolf/dog hybrid. The Director shall issue a written permit allowing occupancy of the secure enclosure or kennel by a wolf/dog hybrid, if said secure enclosure or kennel meets the requirements of subsection (e) herein. The Board of County Commissioners shall establish an appropriate fee for said inspection and permit.

(f) Any enclosure or kennel used to confine a wolf/dog hybrid must meet the following requirements:

(1) All outdoor and indoor facilities shall be constructed and maintained so as to provide sufficient space for each animal to make normal postural and social adjustments with freedom of movement; to keep the animals clean, dry and safe from injury; and to provide the animals ready access to clean water and wholesome food.
(2) All pens must have a floor constructed of concrete or shall have a heavy buried wire barrier sufficient to prevent the animals from digging out. All pens shall be of sufficient height or be covered with sufficient materials to prevent the animal from surmounting it.
(3) Outdoor facilities shall have an additional exterior fence surrounding the pen providing a minimum of a three foot barrier between the fence and pen. It shall be constructed of sufficient materials and height to prevent entry from the public.

(g) When outside of a secure enclosure or kennel, all wolf/dog hybrids must be harnessed and on a lead constructed of such material as to prevent its escape, and must be under the direct control of a capable person.

License fees
Current inspection fee is $100.00