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September 27, 2022
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Pet License Requirements and Fees

Pet Licenses onlineEvery dog over 6 months of age is required to have a current rabies vaccination and county dog license. This includes house dogs, kennel dogs, and breeding dogs. State law and Jackson County Ordinance requires the license and anyone in violation is subject to substantial fines. Animal control enforces this law through contact while working cases, upon impoundment of an unlicensed dog, and by a license compliance campaign.

Cat Licenses Are Also Available

Cat licenses are voluntary but encouraged in Jackson County. Both ensure the pet is protected from contracting or spreading rabies. It also provides identification and aids in returning pets to owners.

Your pet license also assures care if he/she is found injured while wearing the tag. It says I belong to someone, I am not just another stray. People often hold pets with a license at their homes until an owner can be contacted saving the pet the stress of being impounded and saving the owner redemption fees. A LICENSE SAYS YOU CARE!




2020 - 2022 PET LICENSE FEES

DOGS  One Year  Two Year Three Year License Application 
  $25 $50** $50**
Seniors 62 and over and military vets $20 $40** $40**
CATS  $2 per year    

**Vaccine must be current for that period


  • A $75 penalty fee may apply if you are contacted by an officer, receive a citation, or if your unlicensed dog is impounded at the Animal Shelter more than once. 

IMPORTANT: Bring a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate from your veterinarian to purchase a license at:

Jackson County Animal Services
5595 S. Pacific Hwy, Phoenix
Call 541-774-6654 to schedule an appointment.

Though the Mail
Print out the license application and include payment, along with a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate.

Licensed dogs get a Free Ride Home!
Free Ride Home Program

To qualify for the Jackson County Animal Services 'Free Ride Home' program:

  • Your dog must have a current Jackson County, Oregon license, and
  • No prior incidents or visits for the past 12 months.

Fees and penalties to 'bail out' an unlicensed dog start at approximately $115! It costs a lot less to license your dog!