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October 23, 2019
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Drinking Water Program

drinking waterThe main purpose of the Drinking Water Program is to reduce or prevent contamination of public drinking water supplies throughout Jackson County. Duties include conducting water system surveys, compliance, sampling, respond to maximum contaminant or bacteria violations, and ensure corrections and follow-up sampling.

There are a lot of resources available online regarding public water systems. Here are a few good ones:

Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Program
An excellent comprehensive resource regarding Oregon drinking water. You can find out practically anything you want to know about drinking water through this site! Includes plan review requirements for drinking water systems.

Oregon Water Resources Department's GRID Web Query Application
Access well log information throughout Oregon.

Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Program Data Access Page
Obtain information about specific public water systems throughout Oregon. You can find data on coliform testing, chemical testing, contacts, violations, enforcements, public notices, and basic system information.

Health Effects Information
Get information about drinking water contaminants, health effects, and corrective measures.

Domestic Well Safety Program (DWSP)
Find basic information on private and domestic wells.