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January 26, 2021
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7 January 2016

Helping Children, Helping Families - That's What We Do

Recently Jackson County Public Health has partnered with OHSU to provide for Child Development & Rehabilitation Center Equipment Clinics at the Health and Human Services facility, located at 140 S. Holly Street, in Medford. 

This program provides clinical services to children with developmental disabilities and other special health care needs through an interdisciplinary team approach.

A family centered methodology is used, honoring and responding to individuals and family needs, preferences, and strengths, as well as fostering partnerships with families.  It is designed to promote the capabilities of individuals and families to make informed decisions.  Cultural values, language and traditions are honored in the process. 

Individualized evaluation/assessment is performed and prescription for durable medical equipment, including wheelchairs and specialized seating systems, is provided if necessary.  Comprehensive and coordinated follow-up evaluation and management to meet individualized medical, functional, educational and social needs is part of the overall process.