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September 30, 2023
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Expo Camping

Jackson County Parks is now managing all camping on the EXPO grounds

As of January 1, 2017 guests at the Jackson County EXPO will now have their camping services delivered by Jackson County Parks, in conjunction with the EXPO.  Camping in areas not shown on this map is not allowed under any circumstances without prior approval of the EXPO.  There are two types of camping at the EXPO; camping individually, and camping on the EXPO grounds in association with a contracted event.  Please see below for details on information regarding the two types of camping:

Guests camping that are NOT related to leased event (individual camping):
Guests that are camping on EXPO grounds and are not associated with an event that has contracted for all, or a portion of the grounds, will be required to camp in Area 1 (see map), or the Southern Oregon RV Park.  Individuals traveling with equine, or other livestock that require boarding horses in the EXPO stables will be allowed to camp in Area 1 camp spaces, if they are available and not reserved by another party.  Guests can make reservations by calling the Jackson County Parks office at (541) 774-8183 in advance of arrival, or guests can arrive on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If arriving on a first-come, first-serve basis, please be aware that spaces may be fully occupied due to large events and as such, a camp space in Area 1 may not be available.  Guests are strongly encouraged to make reservations in advance. When making a reservation, you may pay in advance.  If arriving on a first-come, first-serve basis, guests will be required to pay immediately upon arrival at the Southern Oregon RV Park located at Gate 5 of the EXPO.  Cash/checks will be accepted, no credit cards processed on site.  If guests require a stable rental, they must contact the EXPO directly at (541) 774-8270.  Please direct onsite questions to Camp Hosts at the Southern Oregon RV Park, or by calling the Parks office at (541) 774-8183.  ALL guests not related to a contracted event traveling without livestock will be required to camp at the Southern Oregon RV Park

Guests camping that are related to leased event (ex. Equine show, Dog Show, etc):
In an effort to streamline event coordination for EXPO event planners, guests that are camping at the EXPO and are associated with a contracted facility event, such as an equine show, or dog show will be required to coordinate and pay for camping services directly with the EXPO.  In most cases this will be done by the event coordinator directly and the guest will reserve camping with the event coordinator.  Please check with your event planner for details regarding camping on EXPO grounds during your specific event.  Coordinators will reserve camping spaces in one, or multiple camping areas as shown in the map.  Areas 1-3 have a variety of camp utilities available (details on map), while areas 4 and 5 are primarily for dry camping during large events.  If needed, temporary utilities can be set up in Areas 4 and 5 for large events, but the event will be required to reserve a minimum of 120 camping nights for setup to occur.  For example, the event coordinator could reserve 60 spaces for 2 nights, or 40 spaces for 3 nights.  Setting up temporary utilities is not a simple task, hence this minimum number of nights is required to make this task feasible.  Event coordinators must be very clear in identifying camping needs while negotiating facility contract with EXPO.  Coordinators will be required to give EXPO staff a firm count of campers arriving for their event 30 days prior to event.  This will give staff time to properly plan and coordinate camping services.  Once the contract is executed with EXPO staff, coordinators can direct all operational questions regarding camping to the Jackson County Parks staff at (541) 774-8183. 

Amenities & Fees

Park Map reservations


Area 1 - $25/night + Reservation Fee: $8/Online or $10/Phone
Areas 2 and 3 - $30/night
Areas 4 and 5 - without utilities $20/night 
Areas 4 and 5 - with utilities** $36/night

Maximum Stay Limit at ALL Jackson County Parks: 14 days out of any 30-day period