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May 31, 2020
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FAQ’s to Jackson County Parks Phased Reopening Plan

FAQ’s to Jackson County Parks Phased Reopening Plan

Note: The following FAQ’s are limited to Jackson County owned and operated parks only and do not cover city, state or federal parks. State, city, and federal sites are managed by separate entities and are responsible for establishing reopening plans for their respective properties.

Will campgrounds be open on May 1 as well?
Answer: No, county campgrounds will not be able to reopen until Governor Brown’s Executive Order #20-12 is amended, or repealed. The order has specific language that precludes all public and private campgrounds from opening. This is not a county-level decision to keep campgrounds closed.

Does this plan affect state, or federally managed parks, such as Lost Creek Lake and Applegate Lake?
Answer: No. Lost Creek and Applegate Lakes are not county facilities.

Why are you only opening boat ramps at this time?
Answer: Jackson County Parks was forced to lay off nearly all of our seasonal employees at the onset of the COVID-19 public health emergency. As a result, staff is limited and it is taking time to rehire seasonal employees and ensure that parks are ready for visitors and safe for our customers. Larger parks, such as Emigrant Lake draw larger crowds that will require additional services and management to ensure the safety of our staff and guests.

Will I get a refund for my 2020 annual parking permit?
Answer: In lieu of issuing refunds, the 2020 annual parking permit will be valid through May of 2021, instead of expiring on December 31, 2020 as usual. This will allow patrons to make up for lost recreational time, while parks were temporarily closed.

Will playgrounds and large gathering sites including shelters and the Emigrant Lake waterslide be open?
Answer: As required by Governor Brown’s Executive Order #20-12, these facilities will remain closed, until further notice. Some may remain closed, or open with limited use for the 2020 summer season. The existing Executive Order requires the indefinite closure of all playgrounds, outdoor sports parks, pools, and skateparks.

When will remaining Jackson County Park facilities reopen?
Answer: General day use facilities at Emigrant Lake, Cantrall Buckley, Willow Lake and other facilities are planned to reopen on Friday, May 15. Our team is currently working to prepare the Howard Prairie Resort for campers and will open that on Friday, May 22 so long as the executive order prohibiting camping is amended or repealed. Due to extremely low water at Howard Prairie Reservoir and no useable boat ramps on the entire lake, some facilities may remain closed, allowing staff to consolidate efforts on the open facilities.

Do I get a refund for cancelled reservations including picnic shelters and camping?
Answer: The Parks Program has been issuing full refunds for cancelled reservations since the beginning of this crisis. If you have a reservation that is affected by future changes in operations, you will be contacted by the Parks office and issued a full refund.

What can I do to help our parks stay open?
Answer: With limited staffing, the Jackson County Parks team members will be focused on the safety needs surrounding our parks reopening. As physical distancing is a requirement for opening of public parks, the Parks Program will be highly reliant upon guests strictly following physical distancing guidelines and remaining 6’ apart. Large gatherings and blatant disregard for these rules may lead to reclosure of facilities. Additionally, as hand sanitizer and soap are in short supply, we realize that some may disappear from park restrooms. If this occurs, the program will be forced, per the terms of the Executive Order #20-12 to close restroom facilities. Please, do not take sanitizer and soap from park facilities.



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