February 21, 2019
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Greenway Projects

The Greenway is wide open and there are currently no projects on the trail.  Happy Trails!

Past Projects

Northridge Terrace to South Stage Road Closure - August 12-14, 2014

Good news! - the supremely bumpy section of trail between Phoenix and Medford is about to be replaced with smooth new concrete.

Bad news! - to accomplish this work the section of trail needs to be closed for three days.  Beginning at 7:00AM on Tuesday, August 12 and extending through Thursday (8/14) the trail in this area will be fully closed.  Please plan accordingly and find alternate routes to avoid this busy construction area and let the workers safely get the work done as quickly as possible without interruption.

Talent/Ashland Waterline Project Update 6/17/14 - Detours/Delays

Just a courtesy head’s up that the contractors working on the Talent/Ashland waterline project will be working in the area in front of Wrangler’s Arena (the gravel parking lot on Hwy 99 near the intersection of Talent Ave just north of Ashland) and along the trail in the area requiring a short detour route and potential delays beginning Thursday (6/19) of this week.

Trail traffic will remain separate from vehicular traffic, and flaggers will help traffic through the construction zone.  Please allow for extra time, and slow down and use caution through the construction zone.

Pine to Upton - Bear Creek Greenway Expo Project
PROJECT UPDATE:  May 30, 2014

The Expo Trail portion of the Bear Creek Greenway is almost done.  Work will likely be completed by June 30, 2014.
PROJECT UPDATE:  February 2014

In the fall of 2013, the contractor constructed walls along the ponds, necessary to make room for the trail along Peninger.
Work has shut down for the winter. Work will resume in the spring of 2014, once the ground has dried out and will likely be complete by June 30, 2014.    ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jackson County, with help from the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation and an ODOT Transportation Enhancement grant, is working to fill the gap and build the 1.4-mile segment of trail between Pine Street and Upton Road through the Expo.

The proposed design for the project can be seen using the links below, which show the entire site design and a close up of the crossing at Gate 2 (which will be typical to the other gate crossings). 
As you will see on the map, the proposed design travels north from the existing terminus at Pine Street, then turns west and travels along the south side of the large pond at the Expo.

The trail will then turn north and parallel Peninger Rd and connect to the south end of the Upton trail.

Although this design is not as aesthetic or comfortable as a route along the back side of the Expo, it avoids significant environmental and engineering challenges that make the route along Bear Creek difficult if not impossible. We hope to work with the Expo to expand their soft-surface trail system to create a connection along the creek if feasible.

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1/31/2014 12:59 PM