June 03, 2023
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Greenway Projects

There will be tree removal between Medford and Talent. Please be prepared for intermittent closures until November 4. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Current/Ongoing Projects


Regular maintenance activities are focused on the 30' trail corridor.

Lighting Feasibility Study

Incorporating lighting on some sections of the trails has been identified by both trail managers and trail users as a desired safety amenity. A lot of review needs to take place in consideration of incorporating lighting including environmental and community concerns as well as costs of installation, power, and ongoing maintenance and operations.  The study will incorporate public input and will analyze opportunities and constraints in consideration of lighting on the Bear Creek Greenway.

Pavement Preservation

Maintaining the asphalt on the trail includes fog sealing to protect and prolong the life of the asphalt.

Pavement Repair

Many sections of trail that were damaged by root heaving were identified and mapped for repair.

Past Projects

Downed Trees and Debris

Crews cleaned up downed trees and debris next to the path between Ashland and Talent. 

Wranglers Arena Lighting

Lighting was installed in Wranglers Arena.

Bridge Inspections

All of the bridges along the Bear Creek Greenway were inspected by an engineer in the summer of 2015.

Northridge Terrace to South Stage Road

The bumpy section of trail between Phoenix and Medford was replaced with smooth new concrete.

Talent/Ashland Waterline Project

Contractors worked on the Talent/Ashland waterline project in the area in front of Wrangler’s Arena (the gravel parking lot on Hwy 99 near the intersection of Talent Ave just north of Ashland) and along the trail in the area.

Pine to Upton - Bear Creek Greenway Expo Project

Jackson County, with help from the Bear Creek Greenway Foundation and an ODOT Transportation Enhancement grant, worked to fill the gap and build the 1.4-mile segment of trail between Pine Street and Upton Road through the Expo.  In the fall of 2013, the contractor constructed walls along the ponds, necessary to make room for the trail along Peninger.  The Expo Trail was completed mid 2014.