February 18, 2019
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Greenway Volunteers

Volunteering on the Bear Creek Greenway
Are you interested in becoming a Volunteer with the Bear Creek Greenway?  Volunteering on the Greenway is a great way to spend
some time on the trail while helping give back to the community.
There are currently two volunteer opportunities on the Greenway:
Greenway Hosts
Greenway Hosts are the eyes, ears, and face of the trail, providing feedback to trail managers about trail activity and maintenance concerns, and providing information and assistance to trail users.
Adopt-a-Greenway Sponsors
Adopt-a-Greenway Sponsors are groups, organizations, or businesses who sign up to perform minor routine trail maintenance
on a monthly basis, similar to an adopt-a-road program. 
For more information, please read the Volunteer Program Overview
(pdf to the right) and contact Jackson County Parks at or (541) 774-8183 for further information.
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