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September 17, 2021
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Stormwater Facility and Taxiway B3 Removal

Department: Airport Division/Program:
Project ID: 6-2021-4 Contact Name: Josh Lekkerkerker
Dept Project ID: AIP NO. 3-41-0037-053 Contact Email:
Project Type: Invitation to Bid Contact Phone: 541-754-0043
Release Date and Time: 1/29/2021 6:00:00 AM Contact Extension:
Due Date and Time: 3/2/2021 2:00:00 PM Award Date:
Opening Date and Time: 3/2/2021 2:00:00 PM



Jackson County Airport Authority






CONTRACT NO.:   AIP 53-FY 21/22AIP NO. 3-41-0037-053           PUBLISHED: February 1, 2021


DESCRIPTION:                                                 STORMWATER FACILITY AND TAXIWAY B3 REMOVAL


OWNER:                                                              JACKSON COUNTY                                      


CONTACT PERSON/ENGINEER:              Josh Lekkerkerker, Project Manager

                                                                                Precision Approach Engineering, Inc.

                                                                                 5125 SW Hout Street, Corvallis, OR 97333

                                                                                 Phone: 541-754-0043, Fax: 541-754-7649  



PRE-BID CONFERENCE AND SITE VIST: A pre-bid conferencewill be a virtual meeting over Microsoft Teams using the link provided below, and be held on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 10:00 am. No in-person attendance option is available for this meeting. A project site walkthrough will be held at Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport on Thursday, February 11, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. local time. Attendees shall plan meet at Precision Approach Engineering’s office, 5000 Cirrus Drive, Medford, OR 97504. Meeting attendees will be escorted to the project areas in their own vehicles, vehicles shall be equipped with a flashing yellow beacon and be identified with the company’s name. This will be the only time provided for a project site visit.

Virtual Prebid Conference Link:

Dial-In Number: (206) 636-0011

Online Meeting ID: 739-177-494 #

Online Meeting Link:

Potential bidders are encouraged to attend this teleconference

SCOPE OF PROJECT: Stormwater Facility and Taxiway B3 Removal project includes demolition of the existing Taxiway B3 and the constructionof two separate stormwater facilities: an airport surface detention pond designed with approximately 750,000 cubic feet of storage capacity, and a high-performance water quality biofiltration treatment facility. The major elements of work consist of an estimated 7,000 square yards of pavement removal, 25,000 cubic yards of excavation, 11,000 cubic yards of embankment construction, construction of new gravel service roads, water quality high flow biofiltration media installation, associated flow control and drainage structures, stormwater conveyance system, and miscellaneous airfield lighting, signage and NAVAID improvements.


BID CLOSE DATE/TIME: February 24, 2021 at 2:00 p.m., as shown on the wall clock in the Airport Administration Office.

PLACE: Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport            

1000 Terminal Loop Parkway, Conf. Room B

Medford, OR 97504


Pursuant to ORS 279C.370, for contracts over $100,000, all Bidders shall submit to Contact Person within two (2) working hours after the above Bid Close Deadline a disclosure of any first-tier subcontractor intended to furnish labor or materials in connection with the public improvement bid. Such disclosure shall be disclosed in the form provided, Bid Document IV - First-Tier Subcontractor Disclosure Form.

All bids received which are in proper form will be opened publicly by the contracting agency immediately after the deadline for submission of bids. At that time, Jackson County may take various actions including, but not limited to, selecting the winning bid, rejecting all bids, or postponing any such action for a period not to exceed 120 calendar days from the opening, during which period the bids will be irrevocable. Jackson County may reject any bid noncompliant with any prescribed public bidding procedure(s) and/or requirement(s), and, in its sole discretion, may reject for good cause any or all bids upon Jackson County finding that it is in the public interest.

Any questions or issues regarding specifications, bidding process, and/or award process shall be directed only to Contact Person designated above.

All bids are subject to the ordinances, rules, and regulations of Jackson County and ORS 701. ORS 279, 279A-279C and related model rules may be used for guidance, but not for mandatory direction.

Date Entered Name Company Email Phone Number
1/29/2021 8:27:17 AM Josh Lekkerkerker Precision Approach Engineering 541-754-0043
1/29/2021 9:37:52 AM Philip Graff LTM, Incorporated dba Knife River Materials 541-770-2960
1/29/2021 1:11:35 PM Tim O'Sullivan Medford Builders Exchange 5417735327
1/29/2021 2:15:41 PM Lori C Salem Contractors Exchange 503-362-7957
1/30/2021 1:37:06 AM Doc Mirino Net Gain Marketing 877-533-1680
1/30/2021 3:29:14 PM Anthony Morello Morello Construction LLC 541-887-2285
2/1/2021 2:48:03 AM Plan Room Daily Journal of Commerce Plan Center 503-274-0624
2/1/2021 6:30:08 AM j_manning Construction Bid Source 469-951-1647
2/1/2021 7:22:53 AM Brie Kidwell Contractor Plan Center 503-650-0148
2/1/2021 7:58:30 AM Aron Cutsforth Wild Rivers Surveying 541-727-8545
2/1/2021 9:23:53 AM Jeff Venables Ledford Construction Co. 541-210-0106
2/1/2021 3:27:04 PM Steve Sparkman Central Pipeline 541-261-5905
2/2/2021 1:41:38 AM jithan kekra mekara 707-445-7652
2/2/2021 8:13:33 AM John Ogorsolka McCLURE & SONS, INC 425-316-6999
2/2/2021 9:53:35 AM Plan Center Administration Abadan Plan Center 509-747-2964
2/2/2021 11:34:49 AM Diane J Chartier Douglas Plan Center 541-440-9030
2/2/2021 1:48:50 PM NW.Estimating Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. 360-693-1478
2/3/2021 7:35:22 AM Tyler Schultz Columbia Pacific Construction 360-214-1722
2/3/2021 10:41:46 AM Sarah Stadalsky iSqFt + BidClerk 919-723-2343
2/3/2021 11:00:24 AM Source Management Deltek 206-373-9500
2/3/2021 11:05:36 AM kylefung NDS 503-516-2424
2/3/2021 2:08:22 PM Bid Information Tri-City Construction Council 509-582-7424
2/3/2021 3:03:50 PM Sera Mattson Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce 206-622-8272
2/3/2021 4:19:08 PM Todd Carson JRT Construction LLC 541-530-7850
2/8/2021 6:02:56 AM Valerie Kielp Pro-Pipe, Inc. 949-380-4161
2/8/2021 3:17:12 PM Jeremy Moritz Eugene Builders Exchange 541-484-5331
2/8/2021 4:10:41 PM Andrew Paul Adkins Engineering & Surveying 541-884-4666
2/11/2021 2:15:08 PM Alex Dunn McGee Engineering 541-757-1270
2/15/2021 2:10:57 PM Brad Metzger ConstructConnect 800-364-2059
2/16/2021 12:50:32 PM Town & Country Fence Town & Country Fence Co. of Oregon 503-515-2021
2/17/2021 9:29:23 AM Scott Convergent Water 207-831-2795
2/17/2021 10:26:30 AM Josh Venters ACF West 503-771-5115
2/19/2021 9:30:04 AM Highway Specialties Highway Specialties 503-390-1113
2/24/2021 9:58:06 AM Oldcastle Oldcastle 503-537-8550
2/24/2021 1:37:15 PM Bill Geiger Sentinel Technology, LLC 541-773-8551
2/26/2021 6:56:47 AM Frank Kazienko Multi Electric Mfg 773-722-1900
3/1/2021 4:24:23 PM Rehema airside solutions 253-246-2250